Automated Protein Sample Prep in Regulated and Nonregulated Labs

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The AssayMAP Bravo is a flexible yet easy-to-use automated micro chromatography-based protein sample preparation platform that leverages packed resin bed cartridges, precision flow control, and preoptimized applications to perform a wide variety of sample preparation workflows required during biotherapeutic development.  We have made several advances that allow the AssayMAP Bravo to address even more of the drug development process.  The system can now use large capacity cartridges, work in 21 CFR part 11 compliant labs, and automatically generate reports detailing the sample preparation steps executed.  These new capabilities enable walkup operation, simplified documentation, and seamless method transfer between labs so projects can be moved forward as quickly as possible.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how the AssayMAP Bravo makes automated sample preparation accessible to non-automation experts to reduce variability, human error, and manual labor.
  • Learn how new 21CFR part 11 enabling features in the new AssayMAP software enable walkup operation and simplify transfer of assays along the entire biotherapeutic development process, including moving from non-compliant to compliant labs.
  • Find out how documentation has been simplified and enhanced with the new automated report generation feature.
  • See the workflows that are enabled on the AssayMAP platform with new large capacity AssayMAP cartridges.
Who Should Attend:
  • Scientists doing biotherapeutic drug development from discovery to pre-clinical work.
  • People involved in quality control and assurance.  
  • People looking to increase reproducibility and throughput. 
  • Scientists doing proteomics and phosphoproteomics research. 

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