Biophysical and Structural Biology Methods Enable Fragment-Based Ligand Discovery

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Powerful biophysical and structural biology tools enable the study of large numbers of fragments and are opening up new possibilities in the treatment of various diseases. Here we report the results of a conventional and a covalent Fragment Screening and show how orthogonal biophysical and structural methods enable rapid identification, characterization, and optimization of fragments. 
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Covalent & Conventional FBDD as an Integrated Service in Wuxi Biology
  • Available Fragment Libraries
  • Established Screening Workflow & Screening Technologies
  • Structure Determination for Fragments
  • Hit Expansion & Med Chem Capabilities
  • Case Studies to Highlight Capabilities
Who Should Attend:
  • CSO, Senior Scientist, MedChem experts & all scientist interested in FBDD as well as discovery of covalent inhibitors

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%7Bbfc3da52-16f9-485c-a72d-47117749d5e0%7D_Speaker_100x100Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, PhD
Head of Biophysics & Screening,
WuXi Biology

%7B2bd30fbe-2103-4a85-9f65-2fd719d8ab6a%7D_CatherineDoldCatherine Dold
Health & Environment Writer,
C&EN Media Group

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