Comparing Methods that Determine Empty-Full Ratio of AAV Capsids

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Comparing Methods that Determine Empty-Full Ratio of AAV Capsids

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Published on ‎08-19-2022 04:00 PM by

The relative abundance of empty and full AAV capsids in gene therapy vector preparations is a critical quality attribute. A variety of methods are available to perform these measurements including SEC-MALS, which combines separation by size-exclusion chromatography with detection by multi-angle light scattering, UV/Vis, and differential refractometry. However, there are relatively few reports that compare these methods. This webinar compares the outcomes of numerous orthogonal characterization methods on a single vector preparation. We find that SEC-MALS not only provides favorable performance for quality control and product development applications, but that it is uniquely situated to be established as a platform method for the semi-quantitative measurement of empty/full ratios across AAV serotypes, transgenes, and manufacturing processes.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • How SEC-MALS quantifies empty and full AAVs, as well as other attributes
  • Are empty/full readouts from different assays comparable?
  • Other light scattering techniques that quantify AAVs
Who Should Attend:
  • CMC teams supporting AAV-based therapies
  • Scientists involved in AAV characterization, analytical method development, process development, and quality control
  • Lab managers that need to select and support an optimal set of AAV characterization methods


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Margaret Butko
Associate Director,
Protein Analytical Characterization at Adverum


Prithwijit Sarkar
Regional Manager,
Northern California, Wyatt Technology Corporation

%7Bcdccb62d-4f94-40ad-b78d-37a1fa5cc717%7D__kellymcsweeney_croppedKelly McSweeney
Contributing Editor,
C&EN Media Group

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