Creating Better Chromatographic Methods Using a Systematic Approach

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In this presentation, we will discuss a systematic approach to LC method development, including an overview on how to ensure your LC system is performing optimally as well as the three main mechanisms that are available to adjust the selectivity of a separation: 
  • Column chemistry 
  • Organic solvent 
  • Mobile phase pH 
We’ll illustrate these mechanisms using a test mix of acids, bases and neutrals.  We’ll also discuss the impact column hardware plays in methods development.   Utilizing this knowledge, we will demonstrate this approach using a real-world example, the forced degradation of deferoxamine. 
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how column chemistry, organic solvent and mobile phase pH influence the selectivity of chromatographic separations
  • Learn about a systematic method development approach used to develop a separation
  • Learn how to choose the “best” scouting separation for each sample and the steps taken to optimize that separation
  • Learn about the latest 2.5 µm column technologies and how they can enhance your methods and results
Who Should Attend:
  • Method Development Scientists 
  • QA/QC Scientists 
  • Laboratory Managers & Directors  

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