Dynamic Imaging for Particle Analysis

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Dynamic Imaging for Particle Analysis

Published on ‎08-28-2023 03:45 PM by | Updated on ‎09-08-2023 03:24 PM

This webinar will describe 5 key developments in dynamic imaging analysis that enable faster, easier, safer, and more accurate particle shape and size analysis.  
Specific developments include novel safety features, a 1-page software interface with all relevant particle information, a Quick-Click connection that eliminates spills, enhanced particle detection range and fully automated liquid handling.  
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Attendees will learn the fundamentals of dynamic imaging analysis as well as best measurement practices
  • Learn how particle shape affects applications in the battery, food, building material and 3D printing industries
  • Learn how new developments in particle analysis enable a wider range of measurement possibilities
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone working with or analyzing particles
  • R&D managers, scientists and technicians
  • New product developers

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%7Bee56942d-628c-48c1-b76f-bb98807f6e3a%7D_Speaker_100x100Dr. Brian Rodenhausen
Advanced Technical Support Team Lead Scientist,
Anton Paar

%7Bbcd52f97-76cf-4621-bdda-5677d2987616%7D_MelissaOmeara_croppedMelissa O'Meara
Forensic Science Consultant,
C&EN Media Group

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Tue, Sep 12, 2023 01:00 PM EDT
Tue, Sep 12, 2023 02:00 PM EDT
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