How Leading Skin Care Innovator Beiersdorf Leverages Digitalization

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How Leading Skin Care Innovator Beiersdorf Leverages Digitalization

Published on ‎03-26-2024 10:50 AM by | Updated on ‎03-26-2024 10:51 AM

In this webinar, Uncountable, a unified laboratory informatics software provider, and their customer, Beiersdorf, a global leader in skincare innovation, team up to discuss their partnership in digitally transforming R&D processes in the cosmetics industry. 
This session will examine how Beiersdorf leverages Uncountable's platform to complement its digital R&D capabilities. It will focus on three objectives: streamlining global collaboration, enabling knowledge sharing and efficiency across multiple product lines, and enhancing more sustainable product development practices. 
This webinar will provide valuable insights for R&D leaders looking to streamline data management, empower global collaboration, and foster more sustainable product development. Don't miss this opportunity to see how Beiersdorf and Uncountable are setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Gain insights from Beiersdorf’s experts on the current and future landscape of R&D within the cosmetics industry
  • Learn how Uncountable collaborated with Beiersdorf to support their transformation toward more sustainable product development
  • Discover today’s best practices and the importance of capturing data and insights across your organization while also protecting and securing your valuable datasets and IP
  • Find out how to foster global teamwork and transition from siloed data sets to a fully digital laboratory ecosystem
  • Explore how Uncountable’s platform’s predictive AI/ML DoE tool enables greater sustainability and efficiency across Beiersdorf’s R&D efforts


Who Should Attend:
  • Enterprise Research & Development Leaders (CTO, VP of R&D, Director of R&D for enterprise companies)
  • Product Development Industry Leaders representing personal care, cosmetics, CPG, and other adjacent industries
  • Enterprise R&D Leaders interested in digital transformation, improving sustainability, streamlining data management, and accelerating their research to commercialization efforts.
  • R&D leaders interested in improving sustainability efforts


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Thu, Apr 18, 2024 11:00 AM EDT
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