How to Optimize Formulation & Measurement with a Unified Laboratory Informatics Solution

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How to Optimize Formulation & Measurement with a Unified Laboratory Informatics Solution

Published on ‎10-12-2023 03:53 PM by | Updated on ‎10-27-2023 04:00 PM

Managing large amounts of data stored and shared across various applications and tools has been and continues to be challenging for Materials, Chemicals, and broader R&D teams worldwide. With so much complexity in formulation, measurement, testing, and analysis, legacy data systems and incumbent solutions limit effective data management, leading to errors and inefficient decision-making. Today, new, and cutting-edge structured data systems and unified laboratory informatics platforms are redefining Materials and Chemical Development organizations and driving better decisions and innovation. 
In this webinar, we'll discuss the limitations of legacy data systems and the benefits of implementing a modern, unified solution. Discover how a structured data system can help streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and provide accurate, accessible data for better decision-making and innovation. Learn the differences between ELNs, LIMS, and modern structured data systems. Don't miss this opportunity to take your development to the next level. 
Key Learning Objectives:
  • What is a Unified Laboratory Informatics Platform? 
  • Best practices for frictionless change management when digitalizing your lab
  • How to assess the right digital lab solution for your R&D organization
  • How to define a roadmap for seamless LIMS, ELN, and unified data management system deployment
  • How to enable end-to-end formulation & measurement data capture
  • The importance of structured lab data for critical business decision-making
Who Should Attend:
  • Research & Development Leaders
  • Innovation & Technology Leaders
  • Product Development Leaders interested in streamlining data management
  • R&D Leaders interested in digital transformation
  • Enterprise R&D Leaders in the advanced materials, chemicals, food & beverage, cosmetics, pharma & biotech, process & chemical, and/or oil & gas industries

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Thu, Nov 9, 2023 11:00 AM EST
Thu, Nov 9, 2023 12:00 PM EST
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