Leveraging Novel Modalities for Oncology Therapies

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Leveraging Novel Modalities for Oncology Therapies

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Published on ‎10-18-2022 01:26 PM by

Over the last two decades, traditional small molecules and antibody drugs have provided tremendous benefits to cancer patients. Due to the complexity of the disease, incomplete response and drug resistance ultimately emerge. New modalities beyond traditional small molecules and antibodies can provide unprecedented opportunities for drugs previously deemed “undruggable” targets. As an example, KRASG12C covalent inhibitors have shown promise for the treatment of Non-small cell lung cancer with KRASG12C mutations. Other KRAS mutants which cannot be inhibited by covalent inhibitors remain “undruggable”. In this webinar, we will discuss the opportunity of new modalities like oligonucleotides and TCR-engineered T cell therapy for treating KRAS mutant cancers, as well as various modality toolboxes to support drug discovery programs.  
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Review and highlight the use of various drug modalities in oncology 
  • Dive into specific examples of different modalities for a particular target and learn key takeaways 
Who Should Attend:
  • Scientists (biologist, oncologist, chemist, etc.) 
  • Program leaders and strategists 
  • Project managers 
  • Medical doctors 
  • Individuals interested in understanding how a new modalities could expand therapies 

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%7B89882e4d-754a-4672-bace-25ca67ba5d0d%7D_2022-10-26-Werngard-Czechtizky-speakerWerngard Czechtizky
Executive Director Head Medicinal Chemistry, Chair of AZ Global Chemistry Leadership,


Luping Lin
Director Biology,
WuXi AppTec

%7B6afaad6f-5fed-4ede-b576-32211c5d638a%7D_2022-10-26-Jiafeng-Rui-speakerJiafeng Rui
Associate Director, Biology,
WuXi AppTec


Melissa O'Meara
Forensic Science Consultant,
C&EN Media Group

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Wed, Oct 26, 2022 11:00 AM EDT
Wed, Oct 26, 2022 12:00 PM EDT
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