Mastering Potentiometric Titration through Effective Electrode Selection and Method Optimization

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Mastering Potentiometric Titration through Effective Electrode Selection and Method Optimization

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Published on ‎04-05-2024 01:23 PM by | Updated on ‎04-05-2024 02:41 PM

Modern titration offers a simple, yet highly accurate method to ensure the quality and safety of many products we consume daily. While not a complicated technique, there are some subtleties that can ensure your titration results are accurate. Simple electrode care and optimization of basic titration parameters are crucial to helping you obtain results you can trust.
During this webinar, Sagar Irrinki, Quality Control Manager at Coastal Gulf & International, Inc. will share how his laboratory navigates executing these tests on various types of titration applications. and how to overcome challenges with helpful titration tips. Eduardo Simoes, Product Specialist for Titration at Metrohm USA, will provide guidance for electrode selection and best practices for electrode care and maintenance. Don’t miss the live Q&A at the end to get all your questions answered by Sagar and Eduardo. 
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understand potentiometric electrode care and maintenance 
  • Learn how to overcome titration challenges with useful tips
  • Receive simple guidelines to remove doubt from titration results 
  • Learn how to select the appropriate electrode for your titration


Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about electrode care and maintenance
  • People interested in improving the consistency of their titration results
  • Anyone who needs a refresher on titration best practices
  • Chemists who want simple tips to improve confidence in titration analysis


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eduardo.pngEduardo Simoes
Titration Product Specialist
Metrohm USA



sagar.pngSagar Irrinki
Quality Control Manager
Coastal Gulf & International, Inc.



alexandra.pngAlexandra Taylor
Contributing Editor
C&EN Media Group




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