Materials Analysis Challenges for Battery Recyclers From Atomic Spectroscopy to Thermal Analysis

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Materials Analysis Challenges for Battery Recyclers From Atomic Spectroscopy to Thermal Analysis

Published on ‎03-08-2022 11:51 AM by | Updated on ‎03-08-2022 11:53 AM

In this Webinar you will learn about the analytical techniques solving today’s challenges in battery component recycling. Learn about robust and practical atomic spectroscopy solutions which detect and mitigate against cross-contamination during the recycling process. See examples of TGA and STA in understanding the degradation and thermal properties of battery materials. Learn how this knowledge allows recyclers to understand the behavior of certain materials during processing. Drive the development of more circular input structures by finding the best laboratory analysis solutions for material reclaim and reuse.


Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understand trends and challenges facing battery recyclers
  • Get an overview of recycling processes and approaches
  • Recognize and prevent cross-contamination of materials during the recycling process
  • Compare ICP-OES vs ICP-MS technologies for materials reclaim
  • Gain insights into pyrometallurgical recycling with TGA and STA analysis
Who Should Attend:
  • Battery and energy storage researchers
  • Laboratory managers
  • Materials scientists
  • Academic researchers in the field
  • Principal investigators on energy-related projects
  • Scientists at battery manufacturers or recycling specialists

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%7B0fb00be0-5097-45bb-89b6-b3a65ba15cae%7D_2022-3-15-Sascha-Nowak-speakerSascha Nowak
Head of Analytics & Environment,
MEET Battery Research Center

%7Be021cb68-9992-41d0-8af0-bef97b576107%7D_2022-3-15-Ryan-Purcell-Joiner-speakerRyan Purcell-Joiner
Senior Application Scientist,
PerkinElmer Inc.

%7B636c707a-1500-452e-9bcd-80036a120a12%7D_2022-3-15-Gerlinde-Wita-speakerGerlinde Wita
Global Market Leader,
PerkinElmer Inc.

%7B998fcc20-e289-43a3-ac6e-cd8bf2a5ca3a%7D_2022-3-15-Kieran-Evans-speakerKieran Evans
Application Scientist,
PerkinElmer Inc.

%7B21b598ba-2530-4df4-a05c-d4f038f750ef%7D_jeffhuber_100x100Jeff Huber
Contributing Editor,
C&EN Media Group

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Tue, Mar 15, 2022 11:00 AM EDT
Tue, Mar 15, 2022 12:00 PM EDT
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