Sub-500nm Simultaneous IR+Raman Microscopy for Microplastics and Materials Science Research

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IR and Raman spectroscopy are well established, mature techniques present nowadays in most analytical laboratories.  However, they do pose several key fundamental limitations. The new breakthrough technique of Sub-micron Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) Spectroscopy overcomes the limited spatial resolution of traditional IR microscopy with submicron resolution and the limited sensitivity and fluorescence interference limitations of Raman microscopy. 
Furthermore, O-PTIR is able to bring together the complementarity of IR and Raman into a single platform, single measurement for the first time, enables sub-micron, simultaneous IR+Raman microscopy delivering IR and Raman spectra from the same spot, at the same time with the same spatial resolution. 
This webinar discusses this novel technique and provides numerous application examples.
Part 1: Introduction & Overview by Dr. Mustafa Kansiz
  • Overview of current direct IR (FTIR & QCL) and Raman micro spectroscopic techniques and Fluorescence Microscopy 
  • Introduction to Submicron O-PTIR and simultaneous Raman microscopy (IR+Raman) and the benefits of co-located Fluorescence 
  • Various application examples of particulates, materials science and more
Part 2: Review of Environmental Applications by Dr. Andrew Ault Microplastics, environmental
Dr. Ault will present the results of his group's recent publication on an important source of atmospheric particles - Sea Spray Aerosols (SSA).  
In this work, they characterize individual SSA particles using new generation submicron simultaneous IR+Raman (O-PTIR) microscopy for organic profiling, combined with EDX for elemental profiling. 
Dr. Ault will also talk to his recent research relating to microplastics.  

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the principle of operation of O-PTIR for submicron IR spectroscopy
  • Learn about specific applications of submicron simultaneous IR and Raman 
  • How O-PTIR can advance your research goals and increase the impact of your publications 
Who Should Attend:
  • Laboratory Directors and Managers  
  • Research Professors and Academics
  • Regional Water Board Researchers
  • Industrial Failure Analysis Engineers
  • Chemical and Polymer Engineers and Scientists
  • Vibrational Spectroscopists


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%7Bb9f9f349-8724-4427-9325-e6f823066da6%7D_Mustafa_100x100Dr. Mustafa Kansiz
Director of Product Management and Marketing,
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Dr. Andrew Ault
Dow Corning Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Associate Professor of Chemistry,
University of Michigan


Melissa O'Meara
Forensic Science Consultant,
C&EN Media Group

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