The Changing PFAS Landscape: Insights Into EPA Draft Method 1621

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The Changing PFAS Landscape: Insights Into EPA Draft Method 1621

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Published on ‎06-29-2023 12:54 PM by | Updated on ‎06-29-2023 12:55 PM

EPA Draft Method 1621 represents a shift in thinking in how we screen for PFAS and other fluorinated compounds in the environment, giving a better picture of the full scope of contamination. The method uses combustion ion chromatography (CIC) to determine adsorbable organic fluorine (AOF) in water samples, a non-targeted sum parameter defined by the method itself. 
In this webinar, Amelia Paolantonio, from Enthalpy Analytical, will show attendees how she was able to successfully implement this method in her lab. Webinar participants will gain valuable insights into best practices for the method and things to watch out for, such as the importance of cleanliness. Dr. Jay Gandhi, from Metrohm USA, will discuss how to execute a total solution for your fluorine analysis to help you comply with Draft Method 1621.  
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about EPA Draft Method 1621 and its requirements
  • Find out the challenges of executing this method and the strategies to overcome them
  • Learn how to implement a total solution for complying with the method
Who Should Attend:
  • Environmental lab technicians, analysts, lab managers, and lab directors
  • Those interested in learning about new monitoring technologies for PFAS and fluorinated compounds

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%7B26ddad33-dee7-42aa-b6f0-d964b684cff8%7D_Speaker2_100x100Amelia Paolantonio
Senior Scientist
Enthalpy Analytical

%7Bfbfbcb7e-a22f-43f7-9c72-a894058bfaa8%7D_Speaker1_100x100Dr. Jay Gandhi
Vertical Markets Manager
Metrohm USA

%7B65f41561-07e3-4626-9e72-97d2077859e7%7D_Cathy_circleCatherine Dold
Health & Environment Writer
C&EN Media Group

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Tue, Jul 25, 2023 01:00 PM EDT
Tue, Jul 25, 2023 02:00 PM EDT
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