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Identifying Ethanol vs Acetone : how to tell if there has been a formula change?

Question asked by Katie Handon on Feb 19, 2019

How does one go about testing whether an unknown carrier is Ethanol?
The SDS provided says the product contains Ethanol, but recently it removed a soft touch coating from my phone case I didn't think that ethanol could do that. When I applied a similar product that claims to contain Ethanol, it did not remove the paint. I don't believe the formula contains anything else that could cause this type of damage.

I read somewhere that Acetone is great for removing the soft touch coating from steering wheels, and when I read about properties of both it sounds very difficult to tell the difference from Ethanol without very expensive testing. I suspect there has been a reformulation of the product that has led to the use of Acetone instead of Ethanol. Is there any easy way to test for this? And if I can't test for this at home, what is the recommended lab testing I should be asking for?