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An overview of sigma receptor

Discussion created by Alex Dean on Aug 29, 2019

An overview of sigma receptor inhibitor

Sigma receptor is a non-opioid receptor that binds diverse classes of psychotropic drugs. The receptor is mainly distributed in the emotional regulation region and the brainstem movement area, and the content is also high in the substantia nigra, caudate nucleus, epencephalon, locus ruber, hippocampus, amygdaloid body and cingulate gyrus equilateral system, closely related to the study and memory, psychotic symptoms, psychological craving and drug seeking behavior. For example, σreceptors in the brain's gray matter in the concentration of higher than white, at the same time, in the region rich in large nerve cell receptor concentration is high, such as the Purkinje of the cerebellum, the cone-like cell layer and red nucleus of the hippocampus.