Elisabeth Mansfield

Visit the Denver 2011 booth

Discussion created by Elisabeth Mansfield on Mar 26, 2011

Hey Colorado!


Did you know we will have a Denver 2011 booth here in Anaheim this year?   Drop by and visit people from the Denver Visitor's Bureau, members of the executive committee or some of our Colorado students.


We will also some great door prizes for a drawing!  A **signed!** John Fielder Colorado book, Chocolove bars (mmm, sweet Colorado chocolate!) and a blue bear statue like the one the looks in the convention center.  Trust me when I say these are great prizes!


Come enter to win, encourage your friends to enter to win and promote the Denver meeting!  We all love our state (and the people in it) so much, it is finally time to share a bit of it with others!


I will - for sure-- be around the booth for the big prize drawing (and probably other times), so please come see me if you want to volunteer to help out too!


Have a great time in Anaheim!  Looking forward to Denver...


Elisabeth Mansfield

ACS Colorado Section Chair 2011