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Requesting info from K-12 teachers

Question asked by Joseph Peterson on Sep 15, 2011

I am serving on the ACS's Tennessee Government Affairs Committee (TN-GAC), and we are actively advocating for support and improvement in STEM education.  We have facilitated the formation of a STEM Caucus within the TN State Legislature.


At the upcoming meeting of the TN Science Teachers Association, we are making available a selected list of Web sites devoted to STEM education resources for K-12 teachers.


I am opening this discussion to ask practicing K-12 teachers to respond with their favorite internet STEM education resource sites.  Please identify both the URL for the site and what grade level(s) you teach.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this effort to help our teachers be better prepared!


Joe Peterson




Message was edited by: Joseph Peterson   A revised, expanded, and reworked list of STEM Education Resources was prepared and made available for distribution at the TSTA meeting last month and will be attached here now.  I was away on vacation in the interim and am pleased to see that an increasing number of teachers are finding use and interest in our more user friendly spreadsheet.  Don't hesitate to send me any feedback via the 'hotlink' at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  I am particularly interested in learning of other appropriate sites to include on this 'living document.'