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A Biological Question No.2.  Do you know other theory about the origin of human language?

Question asked by Mitsuru Yamada on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by Mitsuru Yamada

I have read a book "Evolution. The Basics" written by Sherrie Lyons recently. I myself is an amature phsycist.

It was my joy to have been able to obtain a new knowledge from that book.

When I was a young student about 30 years ago, I asked myself how the human language evolved?

The book introduced me a current theory about that.

The ultimate origin of language is glooming which behavior can be observed in a group of monkeys today, according to the book.

The glooming behavior is a confirmation and continuation of affirmative social relationships between two individuals within the group.

It is a direct physical contact without malicious intention but with pure affection.

We received such a pure affection from our mother when we were baby.

The glooming behavior was needed between many individuals to keep the society of a group rigid in the primates evolutionary history.

As the group size became large, the monkeys had to invent other ways to gloom many other individuals simultaneously.

It is the voice, that is, "glooming many others simultaneously at distance", according to the theory.

Yes, it seems very probable theory for the origin of language of humankind.

But how about the origin of the symbolic dance language of bees?

About symbolic language of Apis Mellifera carnica, read "Life Cycle" written by John Tylor and if you would like to know the whole thing, read "The Dance Language of and Orientation of Bees" written by Karl von Frisch.

Hey, Chemists Sirs, have your ken wide!

Is the similarlity between  the languages of human and bees a result of convergent evolution?

How do you speculate?



April 17, 2012