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What is a photon?  Do you know the exact definition of a photon?

Question asked by Mitsuru Yamada on Jun 13, 2013

Dear readers,


This is an amature physicist.  I am on old student of physics.

I was not taught the exact definition of photon in my youth.

So I have tried to find out the detailed definition of pohoton from physycs dictionary, but in vain.


Can you tell me the exact definition of a photon?

Can you define photon in an absolutely exact mathematical formalism?

Is the definition of a photon unique or various?

Can you tell me about one photon's spatial position at now?

Can you tell me the direction it is travelling now?

Can you tell me the volume that a photon occupies inb space?

Is it finite or infinite?

Can we imagine a photon like a Gaussian wave packet?


What is light, what is a photon?




June 14, 2013