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What are some good general chemistry review materials that relate and tie essential topics?  Any advice for good review practices for a first year grad student would also be greatly appreciated.

Question asked by James Riddell on Jun 26, 2014

I recently finished my first year in a PhD track chemistry program. I admit I have been overwhelmed this past year with the amount of general knowledge I have lost in the 3 years I spent in industry. My professors thus far have been very understanding. However no classes this summer means I can concentrate on my deficiencies and move forward in my research. I am currently working with thiol capped Au nanoparticles but will eventually work on a metal oxide NP project as well. I am more interested in the inorganic and pchem side of this work but could definitely use a review in organic and biochem since often my functionalized ligands involve these disciplines. My current plan of attack involves reading articles related to my research and referencing my undergrad texts where I feel I may have forgotten key principles. Any suggestions on good books to gain general or specific chemical knowledge and advice in general would be greatly appreciated. I believe part of my memory loss is due to not forming a “hierarchy” of scientific tools. Therefore to be more specific, I would love to find material that not only tells a general chemistry story but also makes connections between essential topics. Thanks in advance.