Denise Aronson

Safety Partners is Hiring!  Help us find the best and brightest!

Discussion created by Denise Aronson on Dec 10, 2015

Safety Partners is proud to work with life science companies all over greater Boston, all with the goal of improving patients lives.  Our Consulting Safety Officers work with our clients, both large and small, to provide comprehensive environmental health and safety (EHS) services throughout each company’s life-cycle.  Over the last 25 years we have helped over 350 companies advance their science by providing strong safety program management, allowing our clients to focus on their science, and letting us focus on their well-being.


If you know of individuals who are interested in a career opportunity in EHS, we invite you to share our Consulting Safety Officer job description by simply forwarding this message.


We feel that there are three critical criteria for our candidates,  1) having a true interest in EHS, 2) the right “soft skills” and, 3) a solid foundation of science to build upon.  We can teach the technical side.


We sincerely appreciate any thoughts you may have as we continue to build our team, and feel free to refer people directly to me if that is most convenient.


Thank You!