Colleen Taylor

Completing your profile

Discussion created by Colleen Taylor on Feb 26, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome,


I wanted to make a few statements to help you complete your profile so we can move you to the mentors site to select your mentor.


Each of you should have both a profile photo and avatar photo selected. It would also be nice if you could include additional photos which are "science" based. These can be funny chemistry cartoons, pictures of you getting and award, presenting at a conference, working in a lab,


We need to know a bit about you. You can use the CV page to include some of your laboratory experiences, techniques you have learned, instruments you have used, even classwork that has given you experience with working in teams or presenting.


Some of the obvious things like your school, classification and goals should also be included.


I may contact you individually as well. I will check back on 3/1 for completed profiles.