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What is the best polar and best nonpolar liquid to evaporate with a small amount of heat at room temp.

Question asked by ian izaguirre on Sep 28, 2016

If I have a tall closed sealed container, and I have the bottom half of the outside container wrapped in heat absorbing material and shine a small heat light at the bottom, What would be the best polar and what would be the best nonpolar liquid (so I could do a comparison)  that can evaporate at the bottom half of this container which would be slightly warmer then the top half  -- and then since the top half of the container is slightly cooler, this liquid would form droplets from condensation at the top and drip back down, ...and the cycle repeats. The nonpolar and polar liquid would need to be able to evaporate with a small amount of heat and not explode since the container would be sealed.