Laura Melohn

Tampa Bay Local Section Science Cafe

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on Apr 6, 2011

The Tampa Bay Local Section held several science cafes in 2009.  They were all held in restaurant settings.  The format of the 3 science cafes was speakers speaking for 15-30 minutes and then the speakers mingling with the attendees and answering questions in small groups for approximately an hour.  Attendance ranged from 50 to 100 with the majority being non ACS members.  And they partnered with The Peir Aquarium.  The first, "Why Caffeine may be Good for You" was presentaed by Mark Eichenbaum, MD.  The second, "Green Chemistry and Engineering, Our Future Our Decision" was presented by Eric T. Steimle, Ph.D. The third, "Nanotechnology: From Prot Security to Sunscreen, Building on the Scale of Molecules" was presented by John Bumgarner, Ph.D.


Thank you to the Tampa Bay Local Section for providing the information for this blog.