Philipp Cornelius Schmidberger

Guest lecture held by Dr. Jan Schäper on October 23, 2014

Blog Post created by Philipp Cornelius Schmidberger on Nov 14, 2014

Designer drugs are so-called new psychoactive substances, produced daily in illegal drug laboratories and being smuggled across national borders by declaration as “bath salt” or “room scent”. Illegal drug deliveries discovered by the police are committed to a group of experts of the Bavarian Land Office of Criminal Investigation in Munich to analyze the unremarkable powders.

Dr. Jan Schäper, chemist and surveyor at the Bavarian Land Office of Criminal Investigation performs chemical analyses and is faced a mystery every day: What is the white powders composition being found at the crime scene, at customs or police check? Besides analytic methods like infrared spectroscopy giving the opportunity to compare structural fingerprints with a database, Dr. Schäper uses mass spectrometric methods, if a new unknown substance is discovered.

Dr. Schäper’s lecture on the topic “Challenge drug analysis – daily routine at the Bavarian Land Office of Criminal Investigation” was of great interest for an audience of about 100 students.