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Updated Stable Cell Line Generation Announced at Creative Biogene

Blog Post created by Amy Collins on May 13, 2015

It is known that cell line is used for commercial and research reasons with its proprietary expression vector since it has a great number of features, such as high quality, and quick turnaround time.


This well developed method is used to reduce timeline without any adaptation issue while the cost is very low. High throughput cell screening technologies are available, too. In addition, stable cell line generation is also regarded as the best way to generate recombinant protein and antibody.


On the other hand, Stable Cell Line Generation can be used in drug screening as well as gene functional studies, with a large number of methods to establish stable cell lines as different types of gene expression and gene construction.


Moreover, stable cell line generation is also used for gene knockdown, protein expression and genome edition for all kinds of research requirements.


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