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Vinyl LP's - phthalates & dioxin released

I was hoping to warp some damaged records of mine into a different shape in a metal tub of hot water outdoors whilst wearing an N95 mask. There's not too much evidence online that reflects the dangers of this craft as most people use their own ovens to melt the LP's and I can understand the risks involved with that. Should I choose to go with my method, would that decrease my likelihood of being subjected to the toxic fumes that will be released? If not, how long would one suggest that I keep the LP's outdoors to be rid of the fumes?


My intended purpose for these would purely be for decoration, not for food; however, I have seen several arguments that suggest that it is food-safe. Especially considering PVC is used for car interiors, furniture, water pipes, etc. as mentioned by @WayneCook

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