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This document may not be appropriate for this particular forum. Because the document and description are the same , I removed the description. It would be helpful if  you could provide a better description that supports in which forum your document should reside. Thank you.

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Dear HR- Team  : Pl, I have  ~10 years  experience , one year with  SABIC , company =Saudi Kayan petrochemical co  ,   here I was  Middle management =Lab-Specialist ,   two years  with Sumitomo -company ,Japan project   , here  I was  QA -Chemist  (which is mention in global top 20 companies ), Pl I have 8 publications –at-international symposium on Chromatography , +environmental +other  =+ Pittcon 2003,04,05,06 , + , IUPAC ,National research council Canada =Canadian society for chemistry =CSC  ,  =Royal society of chemistry ,UK   Pl I  have  70% BSc- Physics  -68% BSc -Chemistry - I have 10  years experience (R& D /QA-QC/-Analytical chemist ) with  ,Analytical technique (=Gas chromatography , IR,FTIR ,IR-412.8 ,Photometric ,colorimetric ,Potentiometer ,Micro biology , Environmental testing = Petro chemicals = HC,THC,PAH, PCB’s , +DRO,GRO, VOC ,BETX =~All -(Petrochemicals), ) ,  Soil , waste water ,drinking water ,air –analysis , stack analysis ,Sludge analysis ++,Worked for IR 418.1 Method for HC/THC -Worked on GC(-FID,ECD,PID),IR,UV/VIS ,IR(418.1),FTIR, Purge and trap (FID /PID) ,Column Chromatography ,thin layer chromatography ,Some GC-MS also +with  US-EPA ,APHA ,ASTM ,MOOPAM , BVQI , At ISO -9002 Accredited   & Dubai municipality approved  laboratory ,From Dubai =UAE = =3 years experience+ for Oil analysis as per ASTM methods (Viscosity, fire point, pour point ,Sp.Gravity, · Moisture content ,PCB’s ,Flash point ,Metals digestion, Other)  Environmental analysis it self ,did air monitoring ,stack monitoring , with latest instruments =Chemio sensors , +other ) with US-EPA Parameters  ,Pl you can check this laboratory works  ,form web ,its same what you want ! )  QA/QC , GC/FID ,ECD ,PID ,TCD , UV/VIS +IR++FTIR + ++ , to check , purity to 99.95% to 100 %   of fine chemicals=Pl  I did work for Japan project=Simitomo -company (which is  mention in global top 50 companies  ) =for-Para Fluro Phenol project=PFP  ! purity 99..995%  pure -I did all analysis by Gas- chromatography instrument ,  =GC-FID & I worked on this project ~2 years !!  + >95% Purity of  different pesticides ,raw materials ,intermediate ,final products Please  , , Please  , I got  Invitation    for  , speaker presentations for  upcoming event of ,: Pharma R&D Opportunities  ,++  Please I am invited to submit suggestion to improvement  Pittsburgh conference 2006,2007 , Pl I was independent handling laboratory shift  work .here I was analyzing Plant organic chemicals  , samples ,R&D Samples (where four scientist were making different innovative organic chemicals =Pesticides ,Fine chemicals ,++Other  ,doing analysis of  R&D Analytical products  by GC/FID , UV/VIS ,IR + doing wet chemistry ,responsible for sampling collection  ,analysis ,environmental regulations ,provision of technical assistance to operation at Pilot  plant & main plant ,work with SOP& MSD ,did maintain proper chemical regime & operate various analysis follows standard work procedure and practice for - Japan project to  purity 99.995% =fine chemicals   & did control  plant ,from ,lab  to  next steps & isolation !! undertake analysis of different raw materials ,finished product for Japan project ,fine chemical to purity 99.995% ,.Pl  I have ~9 years experience with UV/VIS ,IR,FTIR,GC-FID /PID,-ECD =Gas chromatography latest instrument ,of HP& Perkin Elmer ,To analytical research ,Validation ,impurities profiling ,stabilities studies ,,etc  , I have ~9  years experience (R& D /QC/-Analytical chemist ) ,with , pesticides =insecticides ,herbicides++  & fine chemicals=PFP =Para Fluro phenols ,APF =Aniline Para phenols , PNCB ++ I  Did Analysis for this project to two years +pesticide  projects for four years   ,Have experience with  GC/FID ,ECD ,PID ,TCD , UV/VIS +IR++FTIR + Thin Layer chromatography +Column chromatography +Stability studies + Characteristic of impurities , method development+   Solubility +Density + Melting points to 0.1 degree accurate .+ Karl Fischer moister analysis ,color index  ,  to purity 99.95% to 100 % PFP ,  final product which was put ,  for sale  to Japan’s , named company ,  +experience of  ,pesticides ,analysis  = Organic analysis  for different pesticides ,Herbicides ,insecticides ,Fungicides , by GC-FID ,IR ,UV/VIS ,Wet Chemistry , Bit GC-MS ,  , Karl Fischer moister analysis , Column Chromatography ,thin layer chromatography ,  methods and others. + Product development =Formulation analysis ,Sir I worked ~3 years  in US –Company . At  Dubai =UAE  , With US –Operations ++ NVLAP Accredited  , ISO-9002  Standard  +Dubai municipality  Accredited * laboratory*=LTS Dubai ,UAE   = GC(-FID,ECD,PID),IR, ,IR(418.1),FTIR, UV/VIS ,Purge and trap-GC- (FID/PID) ,Karl fisher moister analysis , Column Chromatography ,thin layer chromatography , , Pl ,I am Member of ACS (American Chemical Society )  + Union Of Pure And Applied Chemistry ) ,form June /Dec 2001 to Feb 2003 then till today ! ? and Member Chartered Chemist level = The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc.=

  ,for Analytical ,Organic ,pharmaceutical ,,Petro chemicals , ,Environmental   ,Medicinal chemistry , Member of ACS + IUPAC ,-Analytical + independent member of Journals from 2001 -:- for 1 J.Chromatography= J.Analytical chemistry 2 J.Pharmaceutical 3 J.Environmental (4) J.Organic Synthesis (5) J.Medicinal Chemistry (with ACS ) ..Pl I used to do work about 10-12 hours a day for mine previous company (Pl note used to ) ,for International projects ,I can work on ICP , & sedi-graph =particle size distributor , Pl I hope I will select with out interview + will get , offer –At -mine “Home Address=Ruhel Chistry 23 AA Kishan Pole ,Udaipur Raj India 313001  , ,By Courier …& phone number =00912942488521 (Home) & cell =Mobile =0091-9636919708 (its my own ) =00919414232202 (its -My brother Tanveer Chisty cell )    Fax : 00912942411992 & +91-294-2428209   (attn Ruhel Chistry) ..& emails, ,,

.+Pl I have mine own PC from Dec 2001 to till today .(good  knowledge of Word +excel) . Pl I am Indian minority +OBCs =Other backward class , scientist  Yours Truly  Ruhel Chistry

Please , I did following management work for Phenolic  Project = =Poly Carbonate =engineering plastic  At SABIC company =Saudi Kayan petrochemical co , when I join this company it was in commissioning condition =there plants  ,buildings  formation were taking place .

Note : SABIC is Middle Eastalone global company . this Phenolic project is first time in ME=Gulf .

(1)     The technology provider was  KBR =Kellogg Brown Root Inc ,and  Badger Licensing LLC ,

(2)     I did set the all GC’s =Gas chromatography instrument inner configuration with detectors , columns .

(3)     as team work with Agilent engineers and management . we had there more then 15 GCs for Phenolic  Project

(4)     I made LIMS  excel sheets ,for  Whole Phenolic  Project . which was my work as QA –Management technical support .

(5)     I made SOP’s =ISO Methods for  Cumene ,BPA Part of  Phenolic  Project .

(6)     I made sampling summary =sampling points   in simple way for Whole Phenolic  Project

(7)     I made TLV/SLV  data sheets  =health hazards for Whole Phenolic  Project

(8)     I made hard copies ,soft copies of MSDS of Whole Phenolic  Project .

(9)     I made two presentations (1) Basics of gas  chromatography (2) Phenolic project  for  Saudi Kayan –Saudi’s technicians

(10)  I made list of  Journals ,periodicals ,books for  library of QA Laboratory , this have 200 journals , periodicals ,books from the world best publishers like ACS ,RSC ,AAAS, +++ Cambridge  university  press ,oxford  university press ,MIT Press ,+++these all journals ,books ,periodicals will buy by SABIC ,Saudi Kayan ,as I given 5 days for this selection from my real life work with professional chemistry to 16 years .

(11)  I made JQP =Test  questions  =170  questions  , and there answers  for  Lab –Technicians ,QA –technical support ,Phenolic project , they have to be get more then 60% in these tests ,to be continuous in job progress !!?? note : answers for management  people only)

(12)  I made Local Lab =plant Lab analysis methods data sheet =What analysis should be done for  Local Lab Whole Phenolic  Project .

(13)  I made analysis methods for central labs for  Cumene ,BPA Part of  Phenolic  Project

(14)  I know the procedure of inter-laboratory /international laboratory proficiency  testing certificate .

(15)  Round robin test procedure

(16)  Accuracy ,precision ,biases measurement procedure .

(17)  Know How to read /use the MSDS hazards .

(18)  Have knowledge of incident investigation and reports

(19)  Professional report writing

(20)  Time management

(21)  Leading meetings

(22)  Understand and participate in department goals

(23)  Self management

(24)  Training and monitoring

(25)  Calibration of GCs instruments

Note : Please while I found that professors ,Associate professors  from IIT’s (Indian Institute of technology) IISC (Indian Institute of science ( Bangalore)  Have  publications in Pittcon ,IUPAC,RSC  , and I also have Publication here  !  Date 02-01-2009  Udaipur–Raj IndiaRuhel Chisty =RChisty =RChistry .

Note : Pl ,sir , I have Position ,at- College=BSc ,& university level in Physics = 75% in Physics in ,1989= 2nd year BSc , of MLS University ,Udaipur-Raj India 313001 . Pl attached scans =   [College –BSc ,position certificate + 75% in Physics in1989 2nd year BSc +82% in Organic chemistry 1st year ,1988 BSc  + Membership –of,  - +Mine picture +LTS ,Dubai =UAE  , Experience certificate=US  +PI Ltd Exp +BS Degree +MSc –(Spec ) -Physical chemistry  Degree    Pl I am Indian minority +OBCs – scientist ,Your Truly Ruhel Chistry Date  01-01-2009

Note : On 21 -09-2008 I submit one Article to My officials = =  for good of SABIC =Saudi Kayan , =Title :  Ruhel GC-FID method for  project Phenolic ( Benzene ,propylene , Cumene , phenol ,acetone ,Bis phenol A ) , it will cover maximum analysis of Raw material to finished products of this project =Phenolic =.This method is so  effective  that it will able to analysis all raw material ,finished products of Phenolic ,amine with out any calculations and its fast also and very easy !!?? and it will cover the amine project also =( Methyl amine , Monoethanolamine +its all by products and impurities ) .. Ruhel Chisty( MRACI-C.Chem) =Ruhel Chistry ( MRACI-C.Chem)

Date 22-09-2008 Time : 5:58 AM .

This article come  from my  independent work as Research and development chemist /scientist with my previous company  ,where I was getting many samples ,from four  =4 ,Scientific managers ,those were making new ,new chemicals frequently , were doing all research and development to get maximum purity and maximum yield ,and I was analyzing these different chemicals =final product ,raw material

Every  week with new method and with columns . I was able to get  data what they are doing there in synthesis steps ,like changing PH , changing catalysts ,changing some time Raw materials  =by changing root . some of them doing  formulation also .

Please I am working with Journals ,periodicals ,selects of ACS ,+Other  , from past 16 years =from 1992 to till now . I am Indian minority +OBCs=Other backward class - scientist ! who had 75% in Physics BSc level ,68% chemistry BSc Level ,78% Differential and integration=mathematics at BSc level , did work for Japan project=Sumitomo -company (which is mention in global top 20 companies ) =for-Para Fluro Phenol project=PFP ! purity 99..995% pure - did all analysis by Gas- chromatography instrument , =GC-FID & worked on this project ~2 years With Japan Quality control  ,where our sent samples were  counter checked by Japan Scientist /chemist ,none of sample return back except initial stage .when both team were working to finalize method . GC method .

.  have 70% BSc Physics ,68% BSc chemistry +have 10  years experienced as Analytical chemistry=chemist/scientist , included, ~3 years from ISO -9002 ,BVQI , Dubai municipality accredited lab ,=International experience . I am member of ACS  ,IUPAC  Now   Member Chartered Chemist level = The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc.= ,

Ruhel Chisty  ( MRACI-C.Chem) . Date 22-09-2008 ,Time :  6:05 AM . Actually this article was for conference  ANTEC 2009,  !! this new method  will save –SABIC =Huge money ,~50,0000 SR per annum , it can be multiply by the years till the raw material are with Saudi Arabia =2082 !! =50,0000X70 SR ,as it will also be useful for new companies those are try to make Poly carbonate ,phenol ,Acetone ,from root benzene , propylene , means it secure my  chemistry post in Dow ,DuPont , Shell ,BP ,Exxon ,Total ++ either as Chemist ,OR Scientist !!?? (this point is to secure my Jobs in Global Top  petrochemical companies  Ruhel Chisty Date 06-11-2008 with hope that I will be  get  treated as Chemist and Human both at UN resolution 217(3)A its I  deserved also !!??