Azure Quantum: Accelerating Scientific Discovery

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Azure Quantum: Accelerating Scientific Discovery

Published on ‎06-09-2023 11:36 AM by

Chemical and materials science impacts 96% of manufactured goods and 100% of humanity. Advancements in this space will enable scientists to help solve many of society’s most pressing problems and unlock unprecedented growth. However, to date, technology has not been able to deliver the scale, speed and accuracy required to rapidly accelerate progress. That’s all about to change.
In this special session Dr. Nathan Baker, chemist and leader of Microsoft’s Azure Quantum partner development team, will explore how advancements in cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and quantum computing are accelerating progress for scientists around the world. As part of this, Dr. Baker will also share breakthroughs in molecular simulation in the cloud that are enabling new applications for computational chemists and materials scientists, advances in quantum computing, and how you can get started using these methods today.  
Key Learning Objectives:
  • How progress can be made today by combining advanced cloud computing technologies to accelerate discovery in chemical and materials science.
  • Real-world insights from industry leaders like Johnson Matthey that are already using Azure Quantum to accelerate quantum chemistry calculations.
  • How researchers in chemical and materials fields can get started on their quantum journey today.
Who Should Attend:
  • Computational Chemists
  • Computational Materials Scientists
  • Digitization Managers

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%7Bbc5154ce-2c18-46e9-8b98-a7dcf4c1a1e7%7D_Speaker_100x100Nathan Baker
Head of Partnerships for Chemistry and Materials,
Azure Quantum at Microsoft

%7B2bd30fbe-2103-4a85-9f65-2fd719d8ab6a%7D_CatherineDoldCatherine Dold
Health & Environment Writer,
C&EN Media Group

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Thu, Jun 22, 2023 11:00 AM EDT
Thu, Jun 22, 2023 12:00 PM EDT
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