Sarah Arrowsmith

Purchasing ICPE for Metals Analysis

Discussion created by Sarah Arrowsmith on Feb 26, 2019

Hello everyone,


I work at ASU. My lab is working on purchasing a very expensive ICP for metals analysis. I'm finding at a technical level it appears that brands Shimadzu and Agilent are very similar in capabilities for their instruments. Cost is very similar. Does anyone have any brand preference for ICP? I'm looking at the ICPE 9000 from Shimadzu and ICP-OES VDV 5110 from Agilent. We run mostly wastewater samples and environmental samples. We do have a pretty strong need to dilute as little as possible to not dilute out analytes of interest, but most environmental samples are mineral heavy and I'd hate to melt the torch or damage the instrument. (Especially Ca, Mg, Cl, etc.)


Any thoughts? We are leaning one way more than the other, based on how much we like a particular service crew, but I thought it was worth asking if anyone else has used this equipment in their labs and how they felt about it.


Thank you kindly!