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Making the Most of the AEI Group

Question asked by Jodi Wesemann on Jul 31, 2009

Dear AEI Participants,

Thank you for participating in the Academic Employment Initiative (AEI) - and for joining the AEI group on the network!  My colleagues and I are very excited about having a platform for sharing information and addressing questions.


Preparing for the AEI poster session at the Fall 2009 ACS National Meeting is on our minds at the moment... Please do visit and contribute to the discussion thread on "Preparing for the Fall 2009 Meeting" to post questions and share strategies. (Be sure to add tags to help others find your posts.)


Although we never have a complete list of what institutions will be recruiting at the AEI poster sessions, my colleague Corrie will be posting responses she receives.  Knowing who has RSVPed gives you a chance to look up some background information about those institutions.  (Nothing like a targeted, informed, and insightful question to impress a recruiter...)


The vision is for this to be an interactive group.  Please let us know what questions you have!  (If you want to ask them anonymously, send them to and Corrie or I will post them without attribution.)


What other things can we do to help make this group more helpful?  The ultimate success of the group depends on your input, so we are looking forward to hearing from you!