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Analyzing Be (in HNO3 and HF) by GFAAS

Question asked by Tara Sheehan on Dec 21, 2010

Currently our lab owns an AA800 Graphite Furnace.  We anlayze various trace metals by EPA Method 29, which requires a filter digestion using HNO3 and HF.  We have found that when we use the recommended conditions for the different steps in the analysis program, we receive a 0% spike recovery and a lower than usual concentration on a known concentration.


Is there anyone out there using an AA800 and have had difficulty analyzing Be in a HNO3/HF solution?  Not sure what the drying, pyrolysis, and atomization should be in the method.  The recommended conditions do not work.


I currently have:


Temp:          Ramp:          Hold:

100               5                    50

120               30                  10

1500             1                    5

2400             0                    5

2500             1                    5


Sample at 10µl,  Diluent at 14µl

Matrix modifier at 5µl Mg(NO3)2


Thank you.