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A Physical Question.  Which do you think is right?

Discussion created by Mitsuru Yamada on Mar 12, 2012
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Think about an electromagnetic wave.

Assume that it is a photon of  frequency omega.

Here comes the question.  Which do you think is right?


1. The frequency omega can take any value.  The Maxwell's equation does not impose any limit on the frequency of free electromagnetic wave.

It can be higher and higher without limit.  Still we can call it an electromagnetic wave or a photon.


2. There may be frequency limit that the electromagnetic wave can hold its electromagenetic character.

Since a pair of gammer ray reacts to create a couple of electron and positron, as the frequency of the electromagnetic wave becomes higher and higher it inclines to materialize.  A photon of frequency of 10 to the power of 100 Herz is impossible!


Waiting your various answers.


March 13, 2012