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Acetone/Oxalic Acid Solution and absorption of NH3

Question asked by Kyle Stropes on Sep 10, 2014

Hello all, first time poster.




I have an experiment I am doing that requires me to make some 3% w/v Oxalic Acid (using a hydrated form) to Acetone (Pesticide Grade). This mixture is dispensed into a sampling cartridge and shaken for some time, approximately 30 seconds. The excess solution is drained into a waste flask and the cartridge is allowed to dry. The whole point of this experiment is that the oxalic acid that is left behind in the cartridge (along a stainless steel spiral) will absorb ammonia from the environment when air passes through it - - it is called the Integrated Horizontal Flux Method.


Finally, my question is this. Will that 3% w/v solution that I make slowly absorb ambient ammonia and build a strong background amount? The container is held within a fume hood and there is no major source of ammonia in the lab. I am just making sure that the solution I make is good and can be dispensed into the cartridges if not used for quite sometime.