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Should I be a Chem Major? Advise for a College Sophomore.

Question asked by katir14 on Oct 16, 2014
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I am currently a college student and I am debating what I should major in. Here is my current situation:


I come from a lower income family, and worked my **** off in hs to get a 4 yr scholarship to attend my current school, which is a prestigious liberal arts college which is also extremely academically rigorous. My family is expecting me to get a "useful" degree when I graduate which is why I had already decided to be a chemistry major even if I was attending a liberal arts college.


My hs did not prepare me for the rigor at ALL. My gpa is currently a 3.2 which isn't too bad, but not great if I want to go to grad school. Basically the science classes I have taken have all kicked my ****. I got a 2.7 in both gen chem and thermodynamics. Right now I'm taking Bio 200 and Orgo (which I like, but is also kicking my ****). My gpa is only about 3.0 because of the non science classes I have taken.


I am also currently taking calc 1 (yes cal 1, because my adviser said I didn't need math for chem major ), so my math is a little rusty since the last time I had math was junior year of hs (trig and alegbra 2) so I tend to mess up on silly calculations.


So seeing my struggle many of the advisers at my school have told me to quit the idea of being a chemistry major and just mjaor in psychology instead. I did well in psych and usually did really well in classes that were not math/science intensive (usually 3.5 ~ 4.0). I study really hard for chem and even got a tutor but my best grades on exams are usually around 65. I thought about settling for Bio degree but I hate bio, it is so boring....(well for me). 


I am terrified for pchem! I hated thermodynamics so much so I know I'm going to hate pchem, I like organic chem so much more. What scares me is because I didn't take calculus my freshmen yr I'm going to have to take calculus 3 while I'm taking pchem, which is a nightmare. My math skills also scare me away from chem.


Please give me advise! Should I continue with Chem even though my gpa will be mediocre or major in pych and get great grades?

What will give me a more promising future, financially?


Thank you for listening to my long rambling