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looking for a candy chemist

Question asked by Edgar Sanabria on Sep 16, 2017

My name is Edgar Sanabria, I have created an idea for a novelty candy that all my family and friends tell me it’s a winner. I have tried to come up with a formula but I am not a chemist but a website designer and other trades but not in chemistry it’s a magical field, this is why I write this letter in search of a genius in chemistry to help me in creating my sticky candy. 

characteristics: of my sticky candy

A candy to be of consistency and firmness of a hard candy like caramel candy cubes, and the stickiness of peanut butter, flavored of caramel for now but like more flavored in the future like toffy and others. I need the candy that will come out of it wrapper like a lollipop and be sticky so It can pick up other food like cereal cheerios trial mix peanuts ok as an example.

it has to taste good and be design for human consumption.

I have to clips to give you an idea what I am trying to do. The clip maybe more expletory and I would like it stickier then my example video I used caramel cube and I licked it to get it sticky yes, I cheated.

I have look and try contacting anyone that has the knowledge to guide me. I have try some chemist but they got stuck.  I have no clue in this matter I need help, it’s been four years I been trying to create this idea of mine and I don’t want to quit yet I have this dream and I just want to complete it. 


Thank you

Edgar Sanabria

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