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DIY Home-made Sparklers

This is A cool school fun science experiment!?. Hello!, I want to know which type of liquid do I use to drip on A one cent red hot copper penny?, the liquid cultivates the penny too sparkle as A flare, & when the penny cools off from heating & lighting it, then I can hold the sparkling penny in the palm of my hand without getting burnt, it can stay lit under water too, the penny usually stays lit at least all day without going out, & when its time to put the penny out I smother it out with my shoe, & I hold my shoe on top of it for a few seconds or it can come back lit again. It all depends on what kind of recipe that I use to light the penny, if I use a different recipe too light the penny, then the sparkler of the penny can come out in A different color, so I want to know which type of liquid do I use to drip on the penny so that the sparkler color of the penny comes out either bright white, or bright yellow, or both colors mixed together, its ok if there's some faint other colors mixed in with it. If you can give me a different way too light the penny without needing to drip it lit, I'd appreciate that also, for instance I had a liquid that I used just enough to cover the surface of the penny, & then I heated the penny with my handheld burnzomatic torch, & the penny lights right up without needing to drip it lit, there's even some dry & mixed together ingredients that works. Please send me directions for how to light the penny so that it's as easy as reading a cookbook!?. Thank-you from  TIMOTHY JONES      P.S.  if you can't give me results for any of the sparkler colors that I have mentioned, then I'll take any color that you may have available!. Thanks again  Email me back at

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