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HELP - Allergies to the Chem lab?

I have worked in the same chem lab for about 2 years now. I started noticing itchy skin and other "allergic" symptoms about a year ago; I attributed it to weather/new surroundings/etc.  I switched from latex gloves to nirtile, which did help with the hands.  My lab is primarily peptide synthesis - using MBHA resin, Boc-amino acids, DMF/DCM.  After this past Christmas break my "symptoms" cleared up due to 2 weeks vacation and 2 weeks of downtime - since we moved to a new building. Chemistry has started up again, and voila my red, itchy skin has returned... So I guess my question is - has anyone else heard of/experienced this sort of thing?  what can I do? do any of the common chemicals I mentioned tend to elicit this type of response?  It makes working in the lab very uncomfortable even though I love my work.

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Re: HELP - Allergies to the Chem lab?

have you tryed over-the-counter antihistamines like benadryl? if you have and they do not help i suggest you see a dermatologist or allergist

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