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Are Drug-Design & Chemical Synthesis compatible in a research career ?

Question asked by Pierre Matricon on May 11, 2013

Hi, first of all, I am a 3rd year bachelor student in Chemistry-Biology and I am going to choose a master's degree in order to get a thesis on a topic of interest to me (about Drug Vectorization by using Biomolecular Designs).


Actually, I am wondering if a master's degree in Bio-Organic Chemistry (containing only one molecular modelling course) would be sufficient to work on both Drug-Design & Synthesis. I thought that I could also try to do some trainings and get more skills in Drug-Design and Docking methods.


Another possibility would be to integrate an international master's degree named << In Silico Drug Design >>, which would permit me to specialize in this field. I am really interested in it and I think it would probably match more with my profile. But I am afraid that it could regret to stop definitely chemical synthesis.


Anyway, my question is : If I chose the master's degree in BioOrganic Chemistry, would it be possible to do both Modelization and Chemical Synthesis ? Concerning the Drug-Design Master, I don't think I would like to develop new drug-design methods but just to use them to create new bioactive compounds.


I hope my message was not too long and I thank anybody who would have the courage to read it, sincerely,



Pierre Matricon