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The Nexus Blog and Newsletter is published by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® to connect and expand the global green chemistry and engineering community. Learn more about us: www.acs.org/gci.
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Decarbonizing Chemicals: Overcoming Hurdles and Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Green Chemistry

At this year’s GC&E keynote speaker, Sean Hunt, CTO of Solugen, discusses challenges and potential for innovation relevant to decarbonizing the chemicals industry.

Decarbonizing the chemical industry is a pressing task in the pursuit of counteracting c

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Honored Contributor

By Megan Arnett, Ph.D., Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

This past year was marked by transitions for all of us, and this was no less true for the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (BCGC). Many of you will be aware of BCGC—a home to green chemistry education, research, and outreach for more than a decade. After six years of exciting and dedicated work, my predecessor Tom McKeag stepped down last year, and in October 2021, I was warmly welcomed as the new Executive Director for the center. It is my honor to be introducing myself to all of you—many of whom have supported and partnered with the BCGC throughout the years. As a scientist, educator and concerned citizen, becoming a part of the BCGC work feels like a homecoming in many ways, and I look forward to guiding it through this next part of the journey.

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