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The Nexus Blog and Newsletter is published by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® to connect and expand the global green chemistry and engineering community. Learn more about us: www.acs.org/gci.
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ACS GCI's Dr. Isamir Martinez Highlights Green Chemistry's Role in Quality Pharmaceuticals at CPHI
By the ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Dr. Martinez described the importance of green chemistry adoption, tools and metrics to develop greener processes, and how green chemistry use can improve a supplier's sustainability profile.

By the ACS Green Chemistr

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Fast, Accessible, Practical: New PMI-LCA Tool Makes Connecting Chemistry to Climate Impact Easier
By Ashley Baker, Scientific Content Manager (Contractor) at ACS GCI

The new streamlined PMI-LCA Tool is easier to use and provides a more holistic picture of process impacts. Free to download with a quick-start guide, chemists and engineers can quickly as

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