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The Nexus Blog and Newsletter is published by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® to connect and expand the global green chemistry and engineering community. Learn more about us: www.acs.org/gci.
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Reagent Selection Guides Expand and Reflect Current Trends in Industry
Contributed by Thomas Bishop, Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca; Paul Richardson, Director at Pfizer; and the members of the Reagent Guides Focus Team*

The ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable has worked to evolve its Reagent Guides. There are now 28 freely a

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Fast, Accessible, Practical: New PMI-LCA Tool Makes Connecting Chemistry to Climate Impact Easier
By Ashley Baker, Scientific Content Manager (Contractor) at ACS GCI

The new streamlined PMI-LCA Tool is easier to use and provides a more holistic picture of process impacts. Free to download with a quick-start guide, chemists and engineers can quickly as

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