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pHun and Games from ACS Matters

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ACS Matters is a weekly newsletter for ACS members and chemistry enthusiasts.  Each week we run an item call "pHun and Games" where we explore the lighter side of chemistry and our profession. Currently don't receive ACS Matters and would like to?  The next time you log in to www.acs.org, select "Edit My Profile" and opt-in to subscribe.


This is an item from the June 2, 2009 edition:



pHun & Games

Try Your Hand at  Cryptanalysis

Since  chemists are essentially detectives in lab coats, we thought it'd be entirely  appropriate to call your attention to this brain-teaser from  our friends at the FBI. If you enjoy this kind of thing, be sure to visit  the FBI's  booth in the Exposition at the upcoming Washington, DC national meeting –  you may be a G-person at heart!